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popular applications: cash register printers, pos machines. more details of bond paper rollsas following: size: 76*70mm core size: 12×17mm, 13×19mm ,12×21mm,15× 22mm, 18× 24mm paper or plastic paper thickness: 60gsm /70gsm oem: yes,acceptable. packing: 5 rolls/shrink,50 rolls/cartons or as

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3-ply cash register paper rolls are an essential element in many commercial transactions credit card sales, accounting tasks and point-of sale records are often made easier through the use of ncr paper roll in daily operations. amy size and type depends on the intended use.the most popular size of

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optical fiber connector and ceramic paper the stablized zirconia ceramic sleeve namely connector of precision needle is the core part of the optical fiber connector in single-mode and multimode. the yttria zirconia ceramic sleeve is made of 3y- psz ceramic materials. the stablized zirconia ceramic

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electronic ceramic is also called the piezoelectric ceramics, but different with toughness ceramics. electronic ceramic is a kind of function ceramic material which takes the use of electrical, optical, magnetic, acoustic, thermal, mechanical and other effects or coupling effects to achieve some kin

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because zro2 structure is special crystal structure, to stabilize the crystal zro2 structure, usually add some ionic radius stabilizers similar zr, such as y2o3, cao, mgo style, ceo2, sc2o3, and etc in the system of zro2. their solubility is very big in the zro2, easy to form solid solution, can cha

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there are another three applications for zirconium dioxide except for refractory materials and ceramics pigment and glaze. 1. advanced ceramics and specialty for stable zirconium, zirconia setter plate is an important application field. the other specialty products include suction pump, high value

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dry battery

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the positive electrode of zn-mn dry battery is composed of manganese dioxide, acetylene black, solid ammonium chloride and proper electrolyte. the active material manganese dioxide of the positive electrode is a semiconductor with poor conductivity, and the the electrode merely consisting of mangane


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