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kitchen towel - recycled paper | Dubai

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perhaps many people will worry about the safety of recycled paper, especially for kitchen paper. however, this worry is superfluous. according to experts, the cost of living paper processing is much higher than its value, so they are not used internationally, not to mention that this technology is n

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the color of the recycled large rolls of paper may be dark, but the experts believe that compared with the good appearance paper on the current market, recycled paper has relatively poor toughness, feeling and color, but it is completely qualified as a general paper tissue used in daily life. in fa

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gift tin | Dubai

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it’s made of tin, it divided into 2 types, which are tinplate and matte tin, qingyuan max tin cans manufacturing co., ltd. (max tin cans) is expert in production of above 2 types, in our catalogue, we also called them gift tins. 1, now the gift of exquisite appearance of beautiful, so the product

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decorative tins | Dubai

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it’s made of tin. qingyuan max tin cans manufacturing co., ltd. (max tin cans) is expert in production of above 2 types, in our catalogue; we also called them decorative tins. decorative tins is widely use in the packaging of food tins and other high-end gifts. there are four colors are available

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aj-d series batch controller

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aj-d series batch controller is suited to flow applications where precise measurement and batch control quantities is required. aj-d series batch controller has the following main features: aj-d series batch controller is suitable for various liquid; it can display instant flow, totalized flow a

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antistatic coating | Abu Dhabi

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anti-static special coatings: in general, there are two manufacturing methods of antistatic coating, that is, adding antistatic agent or conductive material to the resin. add antistatic agent such as quaternary ammonium salt in the resin, and coat the resin surface with 0.1-10 (mass fraction) antis

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refractory material | Abu Dhabi

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refractory materials and investment casting fused zirconia is a kind of brand new high-grade refractory material with high melting point, thermal stability, and chemical stability, widely used in steel production, glass production, non-ferrous metals production, engineering ceramics, refractory cer

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80mm (3 1/8'’ ) thermal paper roll | Ajman

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thermal paper is also known as thermal fax paper, thermal paper, thermal paper is a paper processing, the manufacture principle is in high quality paper coated with a layer of “temperature sensitive paint” thermal printing paperis generally divided into three layers, the bottom of the paper based, t

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phb-3000 hydraulic brinell hardness tester

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phb-3000 hardness tester adopts hydraulic principle and applies 3000kgf test force by hand operation. the central part of phb-3000 is a small hydraulic system in which a release valve is used to control the test force. when the test force rises 3000kgf, the release valve will open and pressure will

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