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Solid Surface Sink OB810 - Prevista

solid surface sink ob810 | Dubai

DubaiBusiness | International Trade | Dubai

opaly solid surface sink,ob810, which size is 750(length)*460(width)*215(depth) mm. it is also a kind of double solid surface sink, different from the ob806, the two side of ob810 is in the same size, which means the both side sink are in same size. though opaly solid surface sink also could be applied for solid surface bathroom sink, as known as undermount bathroom sink, this one, ob810 is not a

Solid Surface Sink OB809 - Prevista

solid surface sink ob809 | Dubai

DubaiBusiness | International Trade | Dubai

opaly ob809, another one kind of single solid surface sink, which size is 580(length)*455(width)*215(depth) mm. opaly solid surface sink is mostly applied for undermount kitchen sinks, as depth of all of the opaly solid surface sink is deep, so used as the solid surface kitchen sink could be more comfortable and convenient to wash things. as the opaly solid surface sink are made by moulds in vacuu

Solid Surface Sink OB806 - Prevista

solid surface sink ob806 | Dubai

DubaiBusiness | International Trade | Dubai

opaly solid surface kitchen sinks is with about 100 kinds of moulds. opaly ob806 is also a kinds of solid surface kitchen sinks. ob806, which size is 825(length)*450(width)* 225(depth) mm. ob806 is a double sink, so its size is bigger, applied for the undermount kitchen sink is a good choice.ob806, the double kitchen sink, one side of the double kitchen sink is bigger and another side of the doub

Solid Surface Sink OB805 - Prevista

solid surface sink ob805 | Dubai

DubaiBusiness | International Trade | Dubai

opaly solid surface undermount sink, ob805, which size is 540(length)*440(width)*190(depth) mm. it is a kind of oval undermount sink, not a normally square undermount sink. as the size is small and an oval-shaped sink, so it much more applied for wash-hand sink. it could be applied for single bowl kitchen sink or bathroom wash sink. meanwhile, the thickness of the sink is thicker, so could be open

Solid Surface Sink OB801 - Prevista

solid surface sink ob801 | Dubai

DubaiBusiness | International Trade | Dubai

opaly is one of the most experience solid surface sink manufacturers in china. opaly solid surface sinks, which made from resin, ath and some little pigment, is a modern kitchen sink. as the solid surface sinks is heat resistance and repairable, so the solid surface sinks is more and more wildly applied. opaly ob801,which size is 605(length)*500(width)*200(depth) mm, is one of the square solid sur

Solid Surface Sheet OA905 - Prevista

solid surface sheet oa905 | Dubai

DubaiBusiness | International Trade | Dubai

opaly solid surface material, oa902 is different color, the orange one. as a orange color, when acrylic solid surface manufacturers produces it, need to add the orange pigment to meet the color. orange color is belong to a dark color, so it is little more sensitive than the pure white one, which make the acrylic solid surface manufacturers to pay more attention to the production process. oa905, or

Solid Surface Sheet OA904 - Prevista

solid surface sheet oa904 | Dubai

DubaiBusiness | International Trade | Dubai

thanks for the man-made, color of solid surface sheet could be variety. light color, such as white, cream white, beige and so on; dark color, such as black, red, orange and so on. opaly solid surface sheet, oa904 is a yellow one, which is made from the pmma, ath and the pigment, it is well thermoforming during the fabrication. the good performance allow designer to design any style, or allow worke

Solid Surface Sheet OA903 - Prevista

solid surface sheet oa903 | Dubai

DubaiBusiness | International Trade | Dubai

black acrylic solid surface sheet is another most popular color in the market. opaly solid surface,oa903 is the pure black one. as the acrylic surface is well stain resistance, non-penetration and anti-bacterial, so, if there is some little tea stain, coffee stain, sauce stain, it is hard to be seen, and if can’t be cleaned in time, there is no harm to the acrylic solid surface countertops, also t


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