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dee dee basmati rice

Al-FujairahBusiness | Agriculture - Livestock

variety: a. classic basmati rice b. creamy white sela c. golden sela 112 (yellow) - good for madgoot, kabsa and mandi d. amber white basmati rice – good with fish e. mazza basmati rice – good for kabsa & traditional food f. brown indian basmati rice g. classic steamed h. creamy sella – good

Microfiber Leather - Prevista

microfiber leather | Dubai

DubaiBusiness | Opportunities | Dubai

microfiber leather represents the development direction of artificial leather. it has the most similar performance of natural leather and excellent wear resistance, excellent cold resistance, breathable, anti-aging performance, so it is highly respected and favored by domestic and foreign leather de

Semi PU Leather for Pcking - Prevista

semi pu leather for pcking | Dubai

DubaiBusiness | Opportunities | Dubai

our factory can make the high quality leather for package with high resilience and smooth surface. they are soft hand feeling and have many colors, patterns. they are wide varieties with latest techniques and first class with fashionable style. they can hold the membranous layer and colors because o

 Semi PU Leather for Sofa - Prevista

semi pu leather for sofa | Dubai

DubaiBusiness | Opportunities | Dubai

we have high quality synthetic leather for sofa furniture. our synthetic leather is a pu and pvc based leather. we can design our leather range up to date, keeping latest trends in mind and match color with fabrics opening a range of possibilities for sofa. our synthetic leather comes coated with a

Semi PU Leather for Car Seat - Prevista

semi pu leather for car seat | Dubai

DubaiBusiness | Opportunities | Dubai

our factory have been supply to the automotive sector ( synthetic leather in cars, buses, trucks etc.) for more than 10 years. we force on the quality and consistency. we know the forefront of innovations on the automotive industry, develop new product, delivery in time and reduce the cost. our leat

Semi PU Leather for Clothes - Prevista

semi pu leather for clothes | Dubai

DubaiBusiness | Opportunities | Dubai

we are developing a more widely range of imitation leather fabric for garment and accessories market. you will see our products in many countries and with the top brands in the industry whether it’s pvc leather jacket, pu jacket or a hand bags. we innovate the leather in designs of quality and consi

Semi PU Leather for Bags - Prevista

semi pu leather for bags | Dubai

DubaiBusiness | Opportunities | Dubai

we offers high quality synthetic leather for handbags and luggage. we supply high quality and extremely durable materials that meet specific applications. our leather is widely used in for the manufacturing of kits and carrying bags. the leather look like excellent genuine leather and unique textile

Semi PU Leather for Shoes - Prevista

semi pu leather for shoes

United Arab EmiratesBusiness | Opportunities

we innovate the designs of the footwear and focus on maintaining the product quality and consistency.  we know the footwear industry and are at the forefront of product development, delivery and cost reduction measures. they meet extremely high specification of footwear industry. we believe our pu l


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