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get terrarium plants in dubai | Dubai

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we love everything green. at stem and leaves (http://mygreendubai.com)we make it easier to buy plants online by creating unique and different living art pieces. terrariums are a great way to bring greenery to your indoor environment. create your own enchanted forest with terrarium plants in dubai co

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buy plant | Dubai

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at stem and leaves (http://mygreendubai.com) our goal is to grow with the concept of ‘my green dubai’ by encouraging our customers to engage more with nature while having an urban lifestyle in dubai and in the rest of the uae. we are a one stop shop for all your softscaping needs. even if it just a

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050 915 57 15 | Abu Dhabi

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050 91 55 715 / all kinds buyer used furniture and electronic 2) hotel furniture's. 3) club furniture's 4) house hold items 5) electronic house hold items. 6) all furniture & electronice stock 7) all electronics 8) all household [i like bed set & bed rooms] 9) all home appliances, 10) o

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metal tray table

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metal tray table can be used in your kitchen, living room or bed room. keep a vase with fresh flowers and reading materials to add a charming touch to your home decor. metal tray style top with base, made from metal folding design. except the folding type, there are antique coffee table and portabl

Metal wire card holder - Prevista

metal wire card holder

ChinaFor Sale | Home - Garden

wire card holder can be used in a variety of ways. it is ideal for holding wedding cards, floral decor or christmas cards, plants or other items. bolder greeting card display rack enjoys high reputation for its unique design and great products quality. we also provide you with the best after-sale s

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table top mirror

ChinaFor Sale | Home - Garden

tabletop mirror will add elegance to any table top. perfect for bedroom or bath. for its small size, table top mirrors are often placed in bathroom and bedroom for make up use. it is movable and occupy less space. metal material often present a kind of simple feeling that is why it plays more and m

wall mirror - Prevista

wall mirror

ChinaFor Sale | Home - Garden

wall hanging mirror for décor, they are ideally suited to a living room or dining room where you can appreciate their beauty throughout the day. mirror is much important for modern home decor. in modern life, its function is far more beyond its original meaning for it is widely used for home decora

metal photo frame stand - Prevista

metal photo frame stand

ChinaFor Sale | Home - Garden

photo frame stand is the perfect housing decoration items for one of your most treasured photos. would look impressive on a mantelpiece, in a living room or in a bedroom. comes with its own stand but can be hung as well. large picture frames and family tree photo frame are hot productions. photo

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crystal holder

ChinaFor Sale | Home - Garden

crystal material for its exquisite appearance and delicate characteristics has been widely used for home decor production. serving tray holder basket crystal acrylic beads decorative napkin holder, acrylic beaded holder tray and mirror decorative serving tray holder are all bolder hot crystal dec

crystal candle holder - Prevista

crystal candle holder

ChinaFor Sale | Home - Garden

crystal holder is suitable for tea light or votive candles, when you light your favorite candle inside this candle holder. the clear jewels capture the candlelight and amplify it to create a romantic ambiance. exquisite candle holders can add the fun to home life while the crystal candle holders mu


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