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flower store | Dubai

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flowerstore.ae promise to deliver fresh flowers and cakes all over the uae. flowerstore.ae has aim to spread happiness through flowers and to make your occasion memorable. flowerstore.ae promise to deliver the flower at time. flowerstore.ae has variety of flowers for different occasions like birthda

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pulp paper | Dubai

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there are various paper pulp for home, outside use including toilet paper roll, extractable toilet paper, boxed paper, pocket paper, paper handkerchiefs, napkins, towels, kitchen paper towels. the napkin paper used in daily life for people is often called living paper, which is one of the indispe

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toilet paper - pulp paper | Dubai

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toilet paper is used in the toilet, which is generally suggested to be washed away from the toilet directly to avoid the air pollution in the bathroom. so the tolliet tissue should be easy to disperse in the water with the characteristic of discretization. and it will not cause the sewer blockage. t

Kitchen Towel - Recycled Paper - Prevista

kitchen towel - recycled paper | Dubai

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perhaps many people will worry about the safety of recycled paper, especially for kitchen paper. however, this worry is superfluous. according to experts, the cost of living paper processing is much higher than its value, so they are not used internationally, not to mention that this technology is n

Kitchen Towel - Pulp Paper - Prevista

kitchen towel - pulp paper | Dubai

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as the name suggests, kitchen towels are a special paper towel for the kitchen. it is larger and thick than the average paper towels. it is a good helper for home cleaning and food suction with better oil absorption. kitchen towel can be bought in large supermarkets. the advantages of kitchen pap

Facial Tissue - Recycled Paper - Prevista

facial tissue - recycled paper | Dubai

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the safety of recycled facial tissues may be a key point for the user's concern. mainly used for hand, face and other cleaning, recycled facial tissue requiring the features of soft and not broken, absorbing water quickly and not broken down into pieces of scraps. as a one-time health supplies, chin

Roll Paper - Recycled Paper - Prevista

roll paper - recycled paper | Dubai

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the color of the recycled large rolls of paper may be dark, but the experts believe that compared with the good appearance paper on the current market, recycled paper has relatively poor toughness, feeling and color, but it is completely qualified as a general paper tissue used in daily life. in fa

Roll Paper - Pulp Paper - Prevista

roll paper - pulp paper | Dubai

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large rolls of paper is one of the indispensable paper mainly for people to use in daily life. the raw materials of toilet paper are often wood pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp and so on. roll paper is characterized by strong water absorption, less bacterial content (the total number of bacteria does n

Napkin - Recycled Paper - Prevista

napkin - recycled paper | Dubai

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for the napkin paper process, the embossing technology used in surface mainly in order to improve the overall paper feel and thickness, and the multi-layer paper will not be separated so as to use easily. and embossing technology will lose part of the tensile strength. so it is generally according t

Napkin - Pulp Paper - Prevista

napkin - pulp paper | Dubai

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table napkin is a new type of cleaning paper to take the place of the traditional handkerchief. handkerchief napkin is made of soft paper, whose main ingredient is wood pulp, and it is common in our daily life. there are always patterns printed inside of the plastic packaging, so when you use the na

Toilet Paper - Recycled Paper - Prevista

toilet paper - recycled paper | Dubai

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toilet tissue paper is closely related to people's lives. in terms of life necessities, if we take action to use environmentally friendly renewable products from a person, a family, a unit, to a city or even the whole china, we will save a whole forest. during the recycled paper, the most commonly u

Facial Tissue - Pulp Paper - Prevista

facial tissue - pulp paper | Dubai

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facial tissue generally has a wet toughness (a kind of toughness index of paper under the status of complete wetting). the facial tissue paper is a very thin paper. its appearance is usually very similar with the toilet paper, and toilet paper has a single four-sided, rolled into a cylindrical type.


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