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Metal basket - Prevista

metal basket

ChinaFor Sale | Furniture - Décor

our metal basket is various. metal wire bread basket is both decorative and functional. ideal is for serving food, such as bread, rolls, bagels, muffins, pastries and different kinds of fruit. metal wire fruit basket can hold a variety of fruit or other items in your kitchen. from being useful in th

metal cofee table - Prevista

metal cofee table

ChinaFor Sale | Furniture - Décor

sturdy construction ensures years of use. add an interesting accent to your home decor with the sauder soft modern collection coffee table. metal coffee table here with various designs such as modern triangle pattern, european simply design. coffee culture has penetrated into our daily life, in mod

metal tray table - Prevista

metal tray table

ChinaFor Sale | Home - Garden

metal tray table can be used in your kitchen, living room or bed room. keep a vase with fresh flowers and reading materials to add a charming touch to your home decor. metal tray style top with base, made from metal folding design. except the folding type, there are antique coffee table and portabl

Metal wire card holder - Prevista

metal wire card holder

ChinaFor Sale | Home - Garden

wire card holder can be used in a variety of ways. it is ideal for holding wedding cards, floral decor or christmas cards, plants or other items. bolder greeting card display rack enjoys high reputation for its unique design and great products quality. we also provide you with the best after-sale s

Metal Wood Display - Prevista

metal wood display

ChinaFor Sale | Furniture - Décor

as an industry leading manufacturer, bolder has rich experience in producing diverse metal wood display and other metal items. industrial loft vintage 3 tier wooden and metal shelving display, wall mounted metal wood 2 tiers shelf display and wall hanging industrial loft vintage 2 tiers wooden and

metal wall clock - Prevista

metal wall clock

ChinaFor Sale | Furniture - Décor

this metal wall clock will add a simple elegance to your home that cannot be found elsewhere. clock is a kind of measurement tool of time. people used to apply time to plan to do things. wall clock at this time demonstrate its importance. hanging above the wall, people can easily get the right time

Garden  décor - Prevista

garden décor

ChinaFor Sale | Furniture - Décor

garden décor includes many designs, such as garden stake, flower vase, plant stand, garden hooks, garden plaque, garden welcome décor, garden arch, bird feeder etc. nowadays, garden decor more and more adopts metal items. for its simple and solid appearance, metal garden decor items are more popula

metal jewelry holder - Prevista

metal jewelry holder

ChinaFor Sale | Furniture - Décor

display your jewelry artfully and fashionably on this beautiful jewelry stand. these compact and stylish holder, knotted chains and missing earrings are a thing of the past. sturdy and attractive metal designs including metal jewelry holder, jewelry tree stand , and bracelet stand are looking forwar

bathroom shelf - Prevista

bathroom shelf

ChinaFor Sale | Furniture - Décor

bathroom storage shelf is an ideal place to store away all your toiletries and leave your bathroom clutter free. the bathroom shelf provides a large amount of storage space, with the large gaps allowing plenty of height for tall bottles. ideal for fitting in the corner of your shower or bath for eas

Full length floor mirror - Prevista

full length floor mirror

ChinaFor Sale | Furniture - Décor

it's a large mirror lovely propped up on the floor or hanging up on the wall. make your room look brighter as well as bigger. full length seems essential for modern home decor. for some beautiful women, it is necessary to have one full length floor mirror at home for they can directly see their dr

table top mirror - Prevista

table top mirror

ChinaFor Sale | Home - Garden

tabletop mirror will add elegance to any table top. perfect for bedroom or bath. for its small size, table top mirrors are often placed in bathroom and bedroom for make up use. it is movable and occupy less space. metal material often present a kind of simple feeling that is why it plays more and m

wall mirror - Prevista

wall mirror

ChinaFor Sale | Home - Garden

wall hanging mirror for décor, they are ideally suited to a living room or dining room where you can appreciate their beauty throughout the day. mirror is much important for modern home decor. in modern life, its function is far more beyond its original meaning for it is widely used for home decora


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